When a few friends invited us to a Pirate Faire, I cobbled together old bits and pieces of costumes I had made.  I don't neccesarily remember what I used to make these, but I think the shirt and tunic my husband is wearing is from one of the major pattern companies (i.e.-the Big Three).  My cousin designed and made the trousers my husband is wearing- they were for her husband originally so all the distressing on those is authentic from the use they've gotten through time!

The hat was made of straw blanks from the craft store.  I had two and dissasembled one, then added that straw to the height of the other to make a Renaissance inspired pirate hat.  The tricorn is a wide brimmed sun hat from a thrift store that has been distressed and tacked at the edges, then added embellisments.  We used Fullers Earth to lend the dirty look to our ensembles.  My parasol was purchased at a Renaissance faire and my shoes and belt came from a thrift store.

These have little to no basis in historical fact, but were a fun attempt at fantasy style costumes with our own twist to them.





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